Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gluten-Free Tuesday Surprise at Whole Foods

Every Tuesday, Whole Foods Markets gives out Gluten-Free samples throughout the store. Luckily, I had some free time and I was check out the samples. There were lots of great items, from Curious Cookies to Mary's Gone Crackers; given my 6 food allergies they're not for me. Just as I was about to finish, I came across Gilbert's Gourmet Goodies. I had discovered another cookie company that was gluten-free and didn't have soy, corn or nuts in there ingredients. Hurray !!
These sugar cookies are out of this world. Not only do they taste like a real sugar cookie, but they're the perfect blend of soft and crunch. Gilbert's Gourmet Goodies also offers Chocolate Chip Paradise and Super Dooper Snickerdoodle cookies, in bit size or a large cookie if your on the go. In addition, they also sell ready-made cookie dough.

Please take note that the chocolate chips in the Chocolate Chip Paradise Cookie does contain soy lecthin. This cookie isn't 100% soy-free, but the rest are. All the cookies are made with Palm Oil, it's true that it's non-hydrogenated ( meaning no trans-fat), but there is still saturated fat. So remember cookies are a once in a while treat.

If your looking for a soy-free chocolate chip cookie, we recommend Enjoy Life Foods, free of the top-8 allergens and more.

The Good Stuff rates Gilbert's Gourmet Goodies :

4/5 on a whole ( why not use soy-free chocolate chips?)

5/5 on their Sensational Sugar Cookie.

For more information check out:

Gilbert's Gourmet Goodies

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Princess and the Frog + Updates

In Honor of Disney's movie The Princess and the Frog, I have been inspired to attempt to make gluten-free vegetarian gumbo & benignet's.

coming soon- our ultimate substitution page
every week we will have a spotlight on our favorite gluten-free products
our banana-dough cookie recipes

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Passover special: Gluten-free Matzah Brie

Every Passover I look forward to making my favorite dish Matzah Brei. I created a special recipe when I was a teenager and it's been a hit ever since. This year Passover was going to be different experience. If you a have wheat/gluten allergies you can't eat regular matzah. What was I going to do? Would I ever be able to make my favorite dish again?

After searching high and low I finally found gluten-free matzah. Dai yenu!

This is the best matzah you'll ever taste, its even better than regular matzah. It's shemura matzah made from gluten-free oats. It's also the most expensive matzah brie you'll ever make. This box of matzah cost $24, but being able to cook your favorite recipe-priceless.

Here it is the Gluten-Free version of my original Matzah Brei recipe:

3 piece of g-free matzah
milk ( or rice milk)
1 egg white
dash of cinnamon
1 tsp agave syrup

In a large bowl break the 3 pieces of matzah into tiny little pieces. Add milk so that 3/4 of the matzah is covered, like eating a bowl of cereal, remember you don't want to drown them. Let them soak for a few minutes until there semi-soft. Then add cinnamon, and agave syrup, it's oatmeal after all.

In separate bowl beat egg white and add to large bowl and mix. This recipe is pretty flexible, if there's too much milk add more matzah, or vice versa. Feel free to experiment.

Now it's time to heat up the pan, on a low-med flame. Use oil or butter, which ever you prefer.

When the pan is hot pour matzah batter, it should form a circle. This is similar to cooking pancakes, let first cook for around 5 mins or until the batter looks uniform or compact. Then flip, ( if you can't flip the entire thing divide in half or 4's) , let the other side for about 3-4 mins.

Then your done. You add syrup , or fruit and enjoy =) Happy Passover !