Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spotlight: King Arthur's Gluten-Free Bread Mix

King Arthur's is well know for their superior flour quality, no other brand can compare to their taste and texture. There long a waited Gluten-Free flours and mixes are finally available in stores to the public. Somethings in life are just worth waiting for.

The verdict, this bread is a slice heaven. King Arthur's doesn't disappoint, the quality of the this mix is outstanding. The texture is incredible, its crunch on the outside and the dough is fluffy on the inside. Unlike most gluten-free bread mixes, this one has no funny after taste. It blows the competition out of the water, one bite and you'd swear you were eating regular bread.

This mix does take a long time to prepare, you need to let it rise for 30 min, then put the mix in a bread pan and let it rise again for 20-40 mins. Eventually placing the pan the oven to bake for 50-60 mins. Yet,for results like these it's worth the wait. The king has re-claimed his thrown.

( I didn't have a bread pan so I used a bunt pan, it still came out great. )

For more information:

*Please note: that some of King Arthur's gluten-free mixes, such as there chocolate cake, brownies and cookie mix do contain corn-starch. The bread mix does contain potato starch*

[For a potato starch free alternative, we recommend, Namaste Foods Bread Mix, another great product]

The Good Stuff rating:

Best Bread Mix on the planet!

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