Saturday, April 23, 2011

Passover Spotlight: Gefen-Frosted Chocolate Cake Mix- GF

    While grocery shopping for passover goodies, a red box immediately caught my eye. It said, Gefen Frosted Chocolate Cake Mix- Gluten Free. This is the first time I'd ever seen a Gluten-Free version of a Passover cake mix. I bought it and quickly rushed home to test it out. The mixes ingredients are: sugar, potato starch, salt, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and vanilla.
   The recipe it self is pretty simple. I added a few alterations of my own.I pretty much followed the directions, except I replaced the 2 eggs with egg whites and the oil with a large banana. I thought I go for the healthier option, and banana & chocolate is always a winning combination^^

Banana prep:
1) Take one large banana chop it and put it in a bowl
2) Add 1.5 tbsp of water
3) Put banana in the microwave for 1 minute on high
4) Remove, place in mixing bowl and beat on high speed until the texture becomes creamy
5) Then add the egg whites and the rest of the following ingredients.

    The frosting in this recipe is a bit tricky. When adding the 6 tbsp's of hot water the frosting will become very watery, but don't worry if you let the frosting cool for around 1 hr it will become nice and thick. If you want quick frosting, don't the add 6 tbsp at once. Instead, add one tbsp at time until the desired consistency is achieved.
   The cake came out great and was very easy to prepare. The only issue with this mix is, the frosting; the directions just aren't accurate. Regardless, it's a great cake mix. It worked well with our substitutions and is delicious with or without frosting ^^ Until next year Gefen!

The Good Stuff Rating: Cake Mix- 4/5 & Frosting- 1/5

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