Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow covered Veggies ( Original Recipe)

It's the universal question that's on everyones mind, "whats for dinner?" Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Utilizing a box of left over egg whites, and some fresh vegetables, I put a creative twist on the old fashioned omelet. When I scrambled the egg white, it reminded me of a snow, hence the title Snow covered Veggies.

Snow covered Veggies:


1 chopped green onion
1 handufl of chopped bok choy
3 egg whites
1/8 cup of chopped orange pepper ( any kind will do)
some chopped parsley
1 tbs of grapeseed oil
Tabasco, or pepper to taste
(optional- a few leaves of parsley for garnish)

1) Wash and chop green onion, bok choy, orange pepper,and parsley

2) Beat egg whites

3) Heat up skillet, add tablespoon of grapseed oil. When the oil is warm add green onion, and let them sweat for around 5 mins.

4) Then add the bok choy, then cover the skillet and let the bok choy steam for around 10-15, till it's semi-soft. ( if you have cooked bok choy you can skip this step)

5) Add eggs whites, make sure the bok choy and onion are covered in egg whites.

6) Add the remaining ingredients, and scramble eggs whites like crazy! Make sure it's cooked.

7) Slide on to a plate, and add tabasco or pepper or your favorite spice to taste. Want to go for gusto? Then put a parsley garnish on top.


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