Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Gummy Showdown!

Get ready for the Ultimate Gluten-Free Gummy Showdown! We chose 3 brands: Tasty Baby, and Yummy Earth- the 2 top brands; and the new comer, De-Lish -a Duane Read product. The gummies were reviewed and rated by: Taste, Texture and the Gummy Factor, on a 5/5 scale.

Tasty Baby Organic Fruit Snacks-

If mother nature created fruit gummies, this would be it! The taste and texture are in incredible harmony, there's only word; perfection. Tasty Baby comes in 3 varieties: mixed fruit , superfruit and sports gummies. It's like they say, "Mom knows best" ^^

Taste- 5/5 Texture- 5/5 Gummy Factor- 5/5

Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears-

Yummy Earth has an outstanding reputation for top quality products. This is one of the best tasting allergy-free gummies one will come across. Apparently, the texture and gummy-factor are below average. We were very surprised, and some what horrified. It feels like extra soft candy, instead of a gummy bear; but the amazing taste more than makes up for it.

Taste 5/5 Texture- 3/5 Gummy Factor- 2/5

Duane Read's-DeLish Organic Gummy Bears/Gummy Worms [Gluten-Free]-

Why do we love this product? It's economical, and it's one of the first allergy friendly products that's widely available. Given the limited available of allergy-free snacks. The fact,that a person can walk into any Duane Read drugstore to buy allergy-friendly gummy treats, is truly priceless. Love, Sour Gummy Bears? Then this product is for you! The rest of the flavors are also delicious; especially the gummy worms. As for texture and gummy factor, it's slightly above average. The gummy bears are a bit soft, and the gummy worms are the hard kind. Never the less, it a good start.

Taste- 4/5 Texture- 4/5 Gummy Factor- 3.5/5

The Winner : Tasty Baby Fruit Snacks

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