Sunday, December 25, 2011

5 6 7 8 : GO J-Curry! It's Friday Night!

Japanese Curry is a favorite comfort food. Unlike it's Indian cousin it has a mild sweet/spicy taste. We added a Gluten-Free twist, plus a few surprises to this favorite home-cooked dish.

Traditionally Japanese Curry uses a roux. Since this is a vegetarian dish, we decided to make this optional.

1/4 grape-seed oil
1/4 white or brown rice flour

To learn more about how to prepare a roux, check out our previous recipe: Bottom Swamp Gumbo
Want meat? In another pan saute your favorite meat until brown, and add to step 5 of curry.


2-3 Rutabaga( Rutabaga's are a great alternative if your allergic to potatoes)
1-2 medium Turnips
1/2 red onion
2 green onions
1 Asian Pear or Honey Crisp Apple
3-4 large carrots
a dash of lemon juice
2-3 cups of water
2 cans of tomato paste
1 TBSP S&B curry powder*
1 cup of cooked brown or white rice


Part 1:

1) Chop and prep vegetables.

2) Steam Rutabaga and Turnips until soft. This can be done either conventionally for 25 mins or in the microwave for 10 mins give or take. [These vegetables are normally tough, it's best to soften them ahead of time before making your curry.]

Part 2:

In a large pot on low medium heat:

3) Warm up 2 TBSP of grape-seed oil. Then add red& green onions and sweat them. Add tomato paste + lemon juice, and cook until warm.

4) Add one cup of water, then add rutabaga, and stir.

5) Add the rest of the vegetables and 2 cups of water until veggies are covered.

6) Add 1 TSBP of S&B curry powder, and let the mixture simmer, and switch to low-heat.

7) Let the curry simmer for 35 minutes. Curry should be done when the vegetables are nice and soft.

8) In a plate add rice and cover with curry ^^

*Feeling Adventurous and want to make your own curry powder, then take a look at Just Hungry formula

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